An Idea On Royal Enfield Classic 350

With the launch of the new Classic 350 model, Royal Enfield Bikes has set the market to go a ruckus over it again. The bikes sales in India ahs fund another new point to hope and dream to go high. With the most innovative style and power the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is here in India. Royal Enfield and India has a long term relation in the process starting back just after the countrys independence when the Indian government was looking for the perfect Police bike. Royal Enfield bikes were just the kind of bikes the Government was looking for. Styled with the powerful engine and the rigid body, the Royal Enfield still marks a special position and people still look at it with respect rather than going wow! The extensive use of the Royal Enfield from 1955 as a bike for the cops, it was quite a police bike for many till the bikes were started to be exported.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 features: an overview: It is a bike that is designed for design and power. So, you can expect the best of the powerful features that shows its class. The bike is fitted with a short silencer and a Single-Cylinder 350cc engine. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a classic 4-stroke bike that supports the necessary power required. The single-saddled seat makes it more stylish and exceptional. The bike is firmly fitted with a TCI supported Ignition base that is wonderfully helped by the bikes wheel characters. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes with a wheelbase of 1370mm. the speed is checked by digital speedometer and the fuel-indicator gives you to take notice of the fuel in the vehicle. The bike is complete in itself with a high-class tool box supporting it. The engine Twinspark technology gives the smoothest start. So, the regular kicking is gone and the continuous Auto-start button pressing becomes unnecessary. Light your path with the 55W Halogen Headlights that is fitted with the bike. And along with all these, the classic design makes it a worth buy.

An idea of Royal Enfield Classic 350 price in India: The Royal Enfield Classic 350 price in India has been set quite high. According to the Ex-showroom price found in Delhi and Mumbai, the price is Rs. 95000 to Rs. 98800. For a bike like this, wonderfully prepared, aesthetical styled, the price seems quite less although.

You must now set up your mind. If you are going to buy any bike, you can wait for few months and gather the money required to buy a Royal Enfield bike and go for it. You will set a different mark with it.

Unfitted Kitchen Design Ideas

The idea of actually creating an unfitted kitchen is not new; recently, however, and possibly in reaction to the unbroken but rather anonymous lines of units typical of the 1960s and 1970s, unfitted kitchen designs have begun to re-establish itself as more than a viable alternative – both with regard to function and aesthetics.

By having kitchen furniture as opposed to built-in units you change the whole character of the space, making it more of a room than a work station. If your aim is to create an entertaining and relaxed living area, rather than keeping cooking and dining areas more formally separated, you will find that unfitted pieces will sit more happily-alongside bookcases, desks and sofas than any of their fitted counterparts – of whatever material.

But unfitted furniture has other advantages too. You can take it with you should you decide to change home; just as well because a solid wood food cupboard made from quality timber will be expensive, the sort of long-term investment that you would not want to leave behind. You can also vary the height of unfitted furniture so that your work surfaces can vary in height to suit a range of functions: it is, for instance, easy to arrange for a long table with a sink and draining board built into it to be higher than one intended for chopping vegetables; or surfaces at varying levels might be incorporated into a single, movable piece.

Traditional natural materials spring to mind – natural woods with maple, teak, granite or slate work surfaces – in rooms inspired by the simple but exquisite interiors of the American Shaker communities or the vast echoing kitchens of eighteenth-century English country houses. Beautifully made work tables fitted with draining boards and deep butler’s sinks, vast larder cupboards with woven vegetable baskets on runners and built-in spice racks, and contemporary interpretations of country dressers all serve to create a traditional farmhouse feel, with all the modern appliances hidden carefully in cupboards to maintain the appropriate atmosphere. You could equally easily, however, use lacquered fiberboard, opaque or clear glass or brushed metal for a more contemporary feel.

The Idea Of Global Village

First, on the idea of technology and media shrinking space and time. The second aspect is the liberalization of markets and a third angle is the freedom of transportation. These three factors combine to strengthen the notion of the world really being a global village. Most citizens of the first world are happy to believe that this indeed is the case. They claim that if they can follow a war being fought in another country on their TV sets like its happening in their living room. The world must have shrunk. They cite instances of people corresponding in a matter of seconds through voice chat and Emails. An old father in Mumbai proudly displays the earnings of his NRI son through quick money transfers. A husband in Sun City smiles as his wife in London gets a bouquet, bought and delivered through internet services. And a young man exults in the small world where he breakfasts in Banglore and has lunch in Singapore!!! It is feedbacks of this nature that prompted McLuhan to write: Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned .

So, does that mean the world is a global village? No, it does not. The reason for the negation is that though the above examples are true for a certain section of the world, they do not hold true for the majority of the world. It is sad but true that a large section of world population comprising the third world is still not connected to the rest of the worldpolitically, economically, socially and technologically.

Technology and media have still left many places and lives untouched. People living in the interior parts of India, China, Middle East, Africathey are largely unaware of where the other world has reached. As for the liberalization of trade or shall we call it globalization, if one looks closer, it is nothing but disguised colonialism. Just that now it is economic instead of political. A convenient way for the rich countries to get richer at the cost of the poor ones. The money transfers are still to happen both ways!
Last, but not the leastfreedom of transportation. Well! Imagine a country like Ethiopia where 80% of a persons earning is spent on water. Who has the money to travel? And if one has the moneywell..then one is just lucky enough to be a part of the exclusive global village.

A global village then is akin to Orwells Utopia- a dream worth dreamingbut still a dream.

Unique Rangoli Art Unleash Your Creative Talent

Rangoli is traditionally made using coarse rice flour and traditional colors such as turmeric and kumkum. The designs are made by joining dots and lines, and creating different geometric shapes out of them. Nowadays though, there has been a shift from traditional patterns and designs are characterized by abstract forms.

Different materials used for rangoli

The materials used in making these designs bring a lot of uniqueness to them. Besides conventional colors and rice flour, other materials can be used to great effect. Grains and pulses bring a unique twist to conventional designs. You can use green gram for green and masoor dal for orange colors. Strategic placement of marbles also brings a unique twist to the design. You can also use bamboo sticks, matchsticks and even toothpicks to give a distinct appeal to your design. Another great idea is to use rice grains. The advantage of using rice is that all colors mix well with wet rice. So, add a bit of water to rice gains and put color powder and mix well. Let the colored rice dry before using. Use of flower petals and leaves also brings distinctness to rangoli.

Apart from these, you can embellish your rangoli with beads, kundans, differently cut mirrors, dried flowers, pearls and pearl strings, round pebbles, candles, the eye of peacock feathers, small diyas and a whole lot of different materials. Once you get the hang of using different kinds of materials, you will be able to use any material including scrap and junk to create beautiful designs. When you use different materials, you get a three-dimensional affect in the design because every material lends a different thickness to the part where it is used.

Different designs

There is no end to the designs which you can make. Even traditional pictures of Gods and Goddesses can be made in unique ways. Theme based rangolis are in vogue now. You can depict peace, universal fraternity or current issues. It all boils down to your creativity and talent.

The beauty of rangoli is its flexibility. You can make any kind of design ranging from portraits and sceneries to designs which signify importance of the occasion. The other good thing about these designs is that you can accommodate almost anything kind of material. Even something as simple as unique color combinations makes a design unique.

In essence, rangoli is a means of expressing celebrations and you can get as creative as you want with it. Explore your surroundings for inspirations and figure out something unique and different. With a bit of patience and lots of creative talent, you can make a new design every time you make one.

For more visit Unique Rangoli Art

Gift Ideas For Someone On A Weight Loss Mission

If someone in your friends circle is trying to lose weight then support them in every way possible. Losing weight is not easy So when we are on that journey, we need all the support we can get. Here are some gifts that you can give your friend (to someone who is on a weight loss mission):

1. Fruit Basket: Excellent gift Fruits are good for you and the sugar in them will not lead to weight gain. They have a lot of natural fiber. When they are craving for something sweet, then if there is a fruit basket in front of them they will hopefully grab fruit rather than a chocolate.

2. One month membership to yoga or pilates: This will force them to do some exercise.

3. Steamer: Steamed vegetables are very good for you and do not have effects of the fried stuff. Having a steamer will encourage your friend to eat more of the healthy and fresh vegetables.

4. Motivational Book: Reading an inspirational story will keep your friend going. It is the motivation that is going to push your friend to go that extra mile to lose the desired weight. What better way to find the weight loss motivation books than from a book.

5. Exercise CD / DVD: They can watch and perform the exercises based on the instructions on the cd. They can do this in the comfort of their own homes.

6. Motivational Music: Buy an ipod and load it with some good inspiring music. If they already have an ipod may be an itunes gift card will be helpful.

7. Health Cookbook: The way we cook and what we eat makes all the difference. Though most of us are aware of this, we might not be aware of the fact that some of the foods that we eat often are not helping us in the weight loss department. Having a healthy handbook will give us ideas on what to eat and what not to eat.